якість залізобетонні конструкції

“Oberbeton” – the domestic company with European standards of precast concrete production, which is maintained by a full complex of modern equipment of the leading European companies. The incoming raw materials are inspected by quality control service of the plant, and the products made are constantly checked by a department of technical control and a laboratory.

The plant is actively applied advanced technologies and innovative design, using only high quality raw materials.

These factors allowed producing products that meet international quality standards and all the requirements of the construction market.

The company pays a great attention to the customer work to prevent complaints, to improve the service, including the after-sale one. All warranties are strictly observed and accompanied by.

A laboratory on the plant “Oberbeton” performs:

– Quality control of incoming raw materials;

– Operational control of manufacturing of concrete products and concrete mixtures;

– Quality control of each released batch of concrete and reinforced concrete mixes.

Plant laboratory is certified by the State Enterprise “Zhytomyr Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification” (certificate number 064/10 of 01.07.2010.)

збірні залізобетонні конструкції якість
залізобетон якість


Compliance certificates on concrete products
– Slabs and hollow-core prestressed overlapping 200 mm, 220 mm thick, 320 mm thick (Download)
– Slabs and hollow-core prestressed overlapping 265 mm thick (Download)
– Slabs and hollow-core prestressed overlapping 400 mm thick (Download)
– Solid slabs, 300 mm-450 mm thick (Download)
– Reinforced concrete beams (Download)
– Reinforced concrete columns for single-and multi-storey buildings (Download)
– Stairs and platforms (Download)
– Reinforced concrete balcony slabs of individual design (Download)
– Wall panels 1NS; 3NS; 1NTS; 3NTS (Download)
– Concrete piles (Download)
– Prestressed concrete bridge beams for precast solid frameworks of highway bridges and overpasses (Download)
Test reports on fire resistance
– Prestressed hollow core floor slabs, thickness of 220 mm


– Prestressed hollow core floor slabs, thickness of 265 mm (Download)
– Prestressed hollow core floor slabs, thickness of 320 mm (Download)
– Prestressed hollow core floor slabs, thickness of 400 mm (Download)
– Prestressed concrete I-beams (Download)
– Prestressed concrete runs (Download)
– Columns of reinforced concrete (Download)
– Stairs and platforms (Download)
Technical Conditions
– Permanent formwork “Oberbeton” (Download)
– Economic activities associated with establishment of objects of architecture (Download)
– Qualification certificate of the design engineer (Download)