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Rectangular section

Железобетонные балки


Т-подібний переріз балки фото


Железобетонные балки



General information about beams

Reinforced concrete beams are widely used in construction of frame structures of one- or multi-storey buildings. In building structures they provide the ability to withstand the high values of bending moments. Nowadays, these products are widely used in construction of commercial, recreational, industrial and logistics destinations.
The plant “Oberbeton” produces various types of reinforced concrete beams: pre-stressed (using seven wire ropes) and ordinary armoring (without rope armature). The rope length, the strength of the prestressing and the geometric characteristics of the beam are calculated depending on a specific project. Products come with a constructive and insert details in accordance with the project documentation. Certificate of conformity № UA1.003.0123460-12.
залізобетонні балки фото

Types of prestressed beams and their application area

Types of prestressed beams and their application area
Rectangular (Fig. 1)
used as overlap beams and overlap with a small span length;
T-section  (Fig. 2)
used as overlap beams with a medium and large span length;
L-section(Fig. 3)
used as outer (front) overlapping beams;
Runs (Fig. 4)
used as secondary beams;
I-section (Fig. 5)
used for roofs and overlapping with a large span length;
Two-pitched I-beams (Fig. 6)
used as two-pitched I- beams for large span