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Stair elements

Stair elements “Oberbeton”

Сходові елементи

Plant “Oberbeton” produces precast concrete stairs and ladder platforms for all types of industrial and civil buildings, both serial and individual geometry.

Staircases and platforms are made of concrete, class B-25 – B-30.

Fire resistance of concrete stairs and landings corresponds to class of fire resistance R 60 (according to the DBN B.1.1-7-2002). Certificate of conformity №UA1.003.0049225-13.

Versions of the stairs:

  • flight of stairs, mounted on a ladder platform (Fig. 1);
  • flight of stairs with the lower ladder platform (Fig. 2);
  • flight of stairs with the top ladder platform (Fig. 3);
  • flight of stairs with the lower and top ladder platform (Fig. 4).
Versions of the stair elements

Main characteristics of staircases

Сходові елементи схема
Main characteristics of staircases, Stair elements

Possible variants of step sizes

Possible variants of step sizes, Stair elements
Сходові елементи
Сходові елементи

For each flight of stairs without platform is possible to produce staircases with individual geometric dimensions, depending on the project. In addition, the setting of additional inserts, for example rack railings, is possible to install.

Сходові елементи
Сходові елементи