Custom Precast Concrete

Hollow core slabs

H = 200 mm

пустотні плити перекриття залізобетонні

H = 265 mm

пустотні плити перекриття

H = 400 mm

пустотні плити перекриття креслення

H = 220 mm

пустотні плити перекриття

H = 320 mm

пустотні плити перекриття
пустотні плити перекриття фото
пустотні плити перекриття фото схема

Plant “Oberbeton” produces pre-stressed hollow core slabs height of 200 mm, 220 mm, 265 mm, 320 mm and 400 mm. Width across the lower edge is 1200 mm (-5 mm). Length is determined by the customer in accordance with the project and can be up to 19 meters.

Hollow core slabs are manufactured by extrusion. As main reinforcement used high-strength ropes K-7 with a diameter of 9 to 15 mm. Number and diameter of rope needed for the production, determined by the type of hollow core slab reinforcement, depending on operational load.

Fire resistance of reinforced concrete floor slab is: height 200 mm and 220 mm – min 60 minutes, height 265mm, 320 mm and 400 mm – min 90 minutes, which corresponds to the fire resistance class REI 60 and REI 90 (according to DBN (Building Code) В.1.1-7-2002).

Certificates of conformity № UA1.003.0049216-13, № UA1.003.0049220-13, № UA1.003.0049221-13.

Production capabilities of the plant “Oberbeton” allow:

  • Change the end rectangular cuts on oblique;
  • issue slabs with different cut (depending on the bearing board or connect it with other supporting elements);
  • It is also possible to produce slabs with technological holes used for the passage of various communications.
hollow core slabs

Work of overlaps as rigidity of diaphragms

The work of the hollow core slabs as a diaphragm is provided by properly designed joints. Additional reinforcement plays a decisive role here – it does not allow horizontal movement of plates, that is their joints along can perceive the shear forces.

The length of slabs bearing

довжина обпирання плит
довжина обпирання плит таблиця

Supporting joints

Вузол обпирання пустотних плит на балку креслення
Вузли обпирання пустотних плит на балку схема

Compound wall connection

The longitudinal joints – are the joints between the edges of hollow core slabs and walls or beams running parallel to the overlapping. Their main function is to transfer the horizontal shear force that develops in the plane of overlapping due to the overlap as the disc rigidity.

Manufacturing tolerances

1.Length (L)± 15 mm or L/1000
2.Thickness (h)± 5 mm or h/40
3. Width (b)
– The whole slab– 5 mm
– Narrowed slab± 15 mm
4.Orthogonality of an end plane± 10 mm
5.Bump before installation (d)± 6 mm or L/1000
6.Evenness of the top surface (у)10 mm by 500 mm rail
7.Holes, cut-outs
– In the fresh concrete± 50 mm
– In hardened concrete± 15 mm
креслення пустотні плити перекриття

Marking of slabs

Hollow core slabs marking in accordance with GOST 23009:

Hollow core slabs

For example: PC 60.12.2,2-4,2 K7 hollow core slab6000 mm long, 1200 mm wide, 220 mm high, calculated load 4.2 kPa.

Peculiarities of loading / unloading

пустотні плити перекриття виробництво

Hollow core slabs raised with special grippers suspended from a steel girder-lifting traverse. In some cases, is permitted to use mounting straps (soft lines).  Accessories factory lifter.

пустотні плити перекриття схема


Installation of hollow core slabs should be in accordance with the SNIP 3.03.01-87 “Bearing wall construction.” Plant “Oberbeton” provides technical support and carries out technical supervision of all phases of the construction of the facility where Company products used.

пустотні плити перекриття
пустотні плити перекриття фото